About Karma Contest

We exist to celebrate the accomplishments in your community. There are many people who do exemplary things in many fields and covering a wide range of skills and topics. This is why we are here! Everyone has a special talent! What is yours??

Karma Contest has one idea in mind – to reward those who deserve recognition. Everyone and everything is unique. Tell us about your great accomplishments and post a contest for people to vote for you. AIU.edu is a proud sponsor of KC. As a nontraditional university, AIU’s main concept is following education for everyone in a personalized way. MYAIU is an initiative of elements that make a person complete. For this reason we created MYAIU people award where people can post and vote for unique individuals. Click here to vote or compete. Since AIU is about the exceptionality of the individual, so too is KC about celebrating the uniqueness of each and every one and celebrating the world in which we live in. Whether you are into cars, beauty or anything from politics to religion, we are happy you are here to compete and share your ideas and individuality!

Disclaimer: There are no losers in KC, just people who receive more votes are the “most voted”. If you do not have enough votes, share your contest on social media to become one of the “most voted”.